• About Universal Service Center

     Owner, Page Brooks, started our company with the intention to fill a void   in the community.    We found that many people could not find a reliable repair center.    We have been in business since 1999 and are pleased to say that we   have many satisfied customers. 

     Our goal is to be the best reliable service center that people   can find.  Our advertisement is our customer base.  With   the use of up to date equipment and technology we are able to move   towards our goal. 

     Our work is warranted, as we   want our customers to be completely satisfied. We believe to serve   our customers more efficiently and effectively, the best practice is   to communicate and keep them informed about their automobile and   its potential needs. 

     Our inventory consists of only approved   fluids, lubricants and parts as determined by the manufacturer. We   are supplied and have a great business relationship with a select   group of vendors, franchise dealers and their personnel in the   greater Atlanta area, most we deal with daily and some we have known   for twenty years. You can count on a job well done.